Geiseloper - Hostage opera
WUK (Währingerstrasse 59, 1090 Wien)
Documentary opera with active audience participation

Geiseloper (Hostage-opera) is a new form of chamber opera in one act (100 min.) for four singer-performers and acting musicians (Black Page Orchestra) including sen sor-derived live electronics. The piece is created by the Berlin based American direc tor Brina Steinehelfer an the Viennese, Hungarian born composer Samu Gryllus.

Online performances at WUK Vienna (May 11th and 12th) and Szeged (May 29th) sung in english language.

Tara Khozein (soprano)
Josefa Beil (actor)
Dominik Förtsch (actor)
Rupert Bergmann (bass-baritone, MuPATh)

Brina Stinehelfer (staging)
Vince Varga (visual design)
Bea Gerendás (dramaturgy)

Black Page Orchestra

Samu Gryllus (artistic director, MuPATh)

Background story (a model):
In 1973, in a Hungarian industrial city called Balassagyarmat, two young men (17 and 19), the sons of the local secretary of the state-party, broke into the city’s girls’ dormitory and took...