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Osztrák Kulturális Fórum Szalonja, 1061 Budapest, Andrássy út 43 (Osztrák Kulturális Fórum Szalonja, 1061 Budapest, Andrássy út 43)
A Noir Melodrama [Tourneefassung]

Sie wurde über Nacht zum Star, von Tausenden bewundert.
Vier Jahre später kam die Gestapo … 100 Jahre Katalin Karády
mit Emese FÁY; Text und Regie: Thomas Desi
Assistenz: Götz Raimund; Musik: Tibor Polgár, Filmmusik zu Halálos Tavasz (Ungarn 1938)
The popular Hungarian actress, film star and singer Catherine Karády (1910-1990) had been propelled into fame in 1939 with her blockbuster movie “Deadly Spring.” In 1944 she and her lover, a general of the Hungarian staff for counter-espionage, were arrested by the Nazis, thus ending a career that spanned 22 films and more than a hundred popular songs. After an odyssey between Europe and South America, she managed in 1968 to settle in New York. Upon her death in 1990, just after the collapse of communism, her humanitarian activities throughout WWII – in which she helped many into hiding to escape Nazi persecution – came to light. Karády was awarded with the “Righteous” medal at the Yad Vashem ...